Celebrities From Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Some famous people from Fort Lauderdale include former First Lady Hillary Clinton, actors Susan Sarandon, Ben Kingsley, singer Janet Jackson, talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, supermodel Karen Carpenter, tennis player Andre Agassi, and golfer John McEnroe. Superstar Miami Heat star Lebron James was born in Fort Lauderdale. He attended the University of Florida. Florida is where he currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Miami has also produced several famous players including baseball’s Michael Young, football running back Ricky Williams, basketball star Dwyane Wade, and actor Adam Sandler.

Famous people from Fort Lauderdale

Many celebrities can be found in Fort Lauderdale south of Miami. In Fort Lauderdale, there is the Boca Raton Ballet, which is one of the seven traditional ballets in the world. You will find the award-winning The Peabody Opera in Fort Lauderdale at the corner of Westmont Boulevard and Avenue E. In this venue, you will hear world-renowned conductors and a cast of thousands. The Fort Lauderdale Ballet is funded through a grant from the state of Florida.

Another famous local resident is the singer Janet Jackson. She has made several albums and performed all over the country. She is still touring today. Another artist that you might want to know about is Mark Knopfler, who is well known as the singer for the rock band Weezer. You can see him performing locally at the Fountains at South Florida Live.

If you are looking for famous people from Fort Lauderdale then you need to visit the Broward County Public Records Office. This office is located in the webpage of the Broward County Records. You can do a general search on any subject here but be careful. The public records have been compiled by hand and can be very difficult to understand.

In our next article of this series, we will learn about the second most famous inhabitant of Fort Lauderdale, the so-called ButnottheHippo. Wikipedia provides some interesting information on ButnottheHippo, including a picture of him. He is an inhabitant of Broward County in Florida, formerly residing in Miami, but not beyond the Broward borders. He owns a fish store called ButnottheHippo’s Fresh Fish Market in South Ft Lauderdale.

The third famous person from Fort Lauderdale is Brazilian supermodel Marlise Jofelha. She was born in Brasov, Bracelet Brazil, and according to her own website wears a “big, black and dark leather jacket with a matching fur trim”. According to the internet site of Marlise Jofelha, she attended the Fashion Institute of Fort Lauderdale Beach but dropped out when it wasn’t appealing to her. Marlise then studied fashion design in Brazil and has since moved to Miami, Florida, where she lives in an area called Boca Raton. Her mother, Jofira, is an artist. Marlise also has several designs under her belt, most notably one entitled “Hollywood Girl”, that she designed while staying at a villa on Disney’s Fort Lauderdale beach.

The fourth person to feature on our list of famous people from Fort Lauderdale is none other than the former Miss Universe, Blanca Aguilera. In her days as a model, Blanca had posed for a number of companies such as Vogue, and as a singer. Her appearance on the reality show Dancing With the Stars brought her immediate fame. This led to her being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars 2 and becoming the first Latin woman to win the competition. She currently has various appearances on the reality show So You Think You Can Dance.

The fifth person on our celebrity crush list is none other than Miami Vice Police Captain Larry Sisoloff. He is a cop in the Miami Dade County Police Department, and has been in the limelight since he was arrested for the murder of a drug dealer in January 1996. He was later convicted and served time in prison. In the meantime, he has been involved in a number of court cases involving women and in November of 2008 was found guilty of assaulting an officer during an arrest, and later fired from his job.

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